CASRAI Dictionary

To agree – or disagree – about the meaning of a term can be frustrating, and result in people speaking about the same issue, but not defining it the same way. For instance people use terms like preservation, curation, archiving, and may think the talk about the same process – but the might not agree on what the term actually means.

The CASRAI Dictionary holds a number of terms with definitions for research data management terms. But it is not only for research data management, but research administration in general.

The CASRAI Dictionary can be browsed by; terms, profiles, objects, attributes, lists and drafts. Note that not all of these are represented in the statistics section on the front page, but is only available in the top menu.

CASRAI can be used to describe terms in policies and systems, making sure that e.g. an attribute in a metadata scheme has a description. E.g. the term license.

They have a single profile that is targeted towards data management, which is the DMP Ethics Review. This holds a number of terms that – in conjunction – defines what elements to look at in an ethics review.