A tale and a truth

The idea behind a FAIRy tale was to convey the FAIR principles in a funny – but yet serious manner. As Denmark is the home of the famous fairy tale writer H.C. Andersen, we thought it was obvious to let a story convey the wonders of the FAIR principles. By doing this, we hope to bring yet another perspective, by showing how self-evident it is to think and act FAIR in your daily research data handling practice.

We suggest you start by reading the introduction, and finding your way through each of the FAIR principles. You might be tempted to jump directly to the ending, but we suggest you don’t spoil the fun of reading the story from start to end.

Happy reading.

Is this really serious?

The short answer; yes. The longer answer; yes of course. Everything you find on these webpages is correct, and in line with the official FAIR principles as stated in 2016. The tale is completely made up by three nutty Danes.

Keen on more about FAIR?

Visit howtofair.dk for a good guide on how to make your data FAIR’er.